Youth Group

Growing together.

Who: UMC Johnstown Youth is a Youth Fellowship group open to youth 6th grade through 12th grade.

When: We meet two Sundays a month following Worship, from 11am to 12:30pm, and focus on fellowship, friendship, mission, fun, and sharing in Christ’s awesome love.  Scroll down for our 2021-2022 Schedule!

Why: Youth Group Mission: To provide a safe and fun environment where middle and high schoolers can come together to worship and serve God; to enlighten, empower, and challenge our youth to become well rounded and productive members of society; to encourage members to love God, love their neighbors, and love themselves; to inspire our youth to become leaders.

A typical month will include one activity that will be mission based, we will work to serve others as God would want us to. Another will be a lesson at the church typically taught by a church member. This will help kids grow into responsible and knowledgeable adults. We will be doing two fun activities each month as well, one at church and one outside of church where kids can enjoy fellowship. We will also have some fundraising activities throughout the year. Members will be asked to help plan and implement some of these activities.
Youth Leader Rebecca Knowlton


Events at 11:15 am unless otherwise noted

Saturday,  9 - Corn Maze, pumpkin patch
Sunday,  24 - Yard work for a church member

Sunday,  7 - Mental Health/Stress Relief - learning lunch Thursday, November 11 - Turkey Dinner Clean up?
Sunday,  21 - Prayer Wall work
Calendar Sales

Sunday,  5 - Cookie baking class, deliver cookies to church members
Sunday,  19 - Christmas Celebration - progressive lunch with an activity at each location (Pterodactyl, White Elephant, etc.)

Sunday,  9 - Money management class - learning lunch Sunday,
Sunday,  23 - Canned food scavenger hunt - cans to go to food pantry

Sunday,  6 - Movie and carpet picnic
Sunday,  13 - Random acts of kindness in our community

Sunday,  13 - Plan a service, components of a service (Jeremy?) Sunday, March 20 - Service??

Sunday,  10 - Denver Zoo
Saturday,  - Community/Church Easter Celebration

Sunday,  8 - 1 hr tech class for seniors, then end of year celebration