This is your opportunity to join Pastor Jeremy and others as we explore scripture in a fun, engaging, and approachable way. Learn the basic skills you need to help make the Bible a little less mysterious and far more relevant to your life.
Never cracked the bible before? No problem.
This opportunity is open to all and questions are encouraged!

Fall 2022 Schedule

11th - Romans 1:1-25, Is God mad at us? (Handout)
18th - Romans 2:1-11, What does "righteous" mean?
25th - Romans 3:1-8, 21-26, God's plan to help us be better
1st - No Class (Pastor at conference)
8th - Romans 4:13-25, Why the rules don't matter
15th - Romans 5:1-11,Finding inner peace
22nd - Romans 6:1-14, 18-23, Dying to live
29th - Romans 8:1-17, Freedom!
6th - Romans 9:1-17, Who is a child of God?
13th - Romans 12:9-13:7, How do we show our faith?
20th - Romans 14, How to be united


Meets most Tuesdays at 10am in the church Library or on Zoom!
Zoom Meeting ID: 833 4279 9554
Zoom Password: biblestudy