Disaster Response

Disaster (rapid) Response Team 

About Us

Our Disaster (rapid) Response Team keeps supplies on hand to make different types response kits. Typically these are for responding to flooding or wildfires. These kits are based on the UMCOR standard kits and have been adapted and extended based on the feedback we've received from local recipients. We are typically able to assemble up to 50 kits within a couple days. Distribution typically follow only a day or two later. There is no formal application process or hoops to jump through. We work hard to get things where they are needed as fast as practical. You can support this work with your prayers and donations.  

You can make a donation online. Make sure to select "Disaster Response" on the form. You can also make a cash/check donation to UMC Johnstown with (Fire Kits in the memo line for checks).

Our mailing address is:
Umc Of Johnstown
108 King Avenue
Johnstown, CO 80027

Yellowstone River  Floods

Historic flooding hit the Yellowstone River and brought flooding to the Livingston and Red Lodge Montana communities. Yellowstone Park was fully shut down for several days after what is being called a 1000 year flood. Our team responded by assembling and delivering 50 flood buckets within 48 hours of the local donation center opening. These kits were fully distributed in 90 minutes to dozens of grateful local residents.

Boulder County Fires 

991 homes and several businesses were destroyed due to multiple fires  in Boulder County.  The communities of Louisville and Superior have been devastated. As a first step in responding, we are gathering monetary donations to build 100 fire buckets (cost $100/each) that were distributed through local United Methodist churches.

Thanks to some very generous donations surplus finds were donated to serve victims of the fire by purchasing gift cards to provide for basic needs like food, medicine, and shelter.

Team History

Do you want to know how God has inspired us to act because of the Salt Lake City UMCOR Hub closing? As you may know, in 2017, following an inspirational mission trip to the UMCOR Depot in Salt Lake City, the United Methodist Church of Johnstown became an UMCOR Hub.  Since that time many of you have helped with donations and the building of flood buckets, hygiene kits, and school kits which were then delivered by members of our team from the hub here in Johnstown to Salt Lake. We are so grateful!

Last year we received the sad news that the Salt Lake Depot was closing indefinitely and suddenly transporting kits became cost prohibitive as the closest Depot is in Louisiana. During the past year, our efforts have been local – Covid-19 kits distributed by a local food pantry, hygiene kits for seniors and domestic abuse victims, and most recently a successful diaper drive in association with United Way of Weld County.

Fire Response Kits
The time has now come to reach beyond our local communities but look for a need closer to home. Our new designation is the United Methodist Church Disaster Response Team. The DRT will have the same feel as UMCOR in terms of mission and strategy and it is our sincere hope that we can continue to work together with you to provide a positive impact in the wake of disaster. We will be working in coordination with the Mountain Sky District as the Western Jurisdiction Disaster Response Coordinators. We have all felt the effect of the forest fires, now, unfortunately, a part of the ‘new normal’ in the western United States. The decision was made to build Fire Kits (by combining two UMCOR lists out of California and adding some additional items) to be distributed to those individuals impacted by wildland or house fires.

What goes in a kit? Check out our Amazon List

Due to the number of items needed for each kit/bucket, the preferred method of donating is monetary, as we can then purchase in bulk, bringing the cost of each kit to $90.00. You can make cash/check donations to UMC Johnstown with (Fire Kits in the memo line for checks) or through online giving.