What is Confirmation?

Technically, confirmation is the process by which young people become professing members of the church with all the rights that come with it. Though, let's be honest, for a lot of people that's not really a big deal. Confirmation as we practice it in our is about something far more important, it is intended to aid you people in exploring their faith, asking questions, and coming to their own understanding about God and their relationship to Him. We rely on a mentor focused curriculum that encourages this sort of discovery. You are still welcome to officially join the church at the end of the process, but it is not required.

Who Can Participate?

Confirmation is open to all young people in our area. There are no requirements other than you be currently in 6th to 12th grade.  Thats it!

Who Can Be a Mentor?

Too many people think they cannot be a mentor because they feel they don't know enough about the bible, church, or God. This is NOT the requirement. What is required is for someone to have an open heart and mind, be prepared to learn alongside their mentee, be willing to share about their life and experiences, and be excited to work one on one with a young person. We promise, the curriculum we provide has all the information you need. No doubt at the end you'll be saying, "I learned as much as my teen did!"

What is Involved?

Additional Dates and times for the below events will be available soon.
  • Organizational Meeting for participants, parents, & mentors February 12th after church.
  • Thirteen (13) sessions between mentors and participants (some may be combined into single sessions).
  • Visit of at least two (2) other faith/religious traditions with your mentor.
  • 2 online lessons on church history.
  • Participate in Confirmation discussion group through Become More App.
  • One Saturday retreat lead by Pastor Jeremy.
  • 100 questions test on the Bible (Just kidding!)