Pauses for Lent

If you’re wondering what you might do extra this Lent, you may consider giving any 15 minutes of your time each day to reading the word for the day, related scripture, and a brief devotion. Participants can then share their thoughts and be blessed by reading the comments of others. The Thursday Morning Bible Study (THUMBS) group is exploring Trevor Hudson’s book, Pauses for Lent: Forty Words for Forty Days and is inviting everyone who is interested to join. There will be NO in person meetings and no set time for participation, instead group members will receive an email each day, except Sundays,  connecting them to the word, scripture, and devotion for that day with the opportunity, if desired, to share by commenting and reading the comments of others.

The book is available via the church office (or purchase online yourself) for $10. You don’t need the book to participate! Please indicate on the sign-up sheet if you want a book. THE OFFICE WILL ORDER THE BOOKS ON MONDAY, FEB. 5TH. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO PUT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS ON THE SIGNUP SHEET!

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