Finding Jesus in the Psalms

Meeting Schedule
February 15th: (Handout) Intro & Chapter 1
February 22nd: (Handout) Chapter 2
February 29th: (Handout) Chapters 3
March 7th: (Handout) Chapter 4
March 14th: (Handout) Chapter 5
March 21st: (Handout) Chapter 6
Thursdays at 7pm Starting February 15th

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Barb Roose guides the reader through a meaningful encounter with the Psalms through the season of Lent. Combining an interpretation of the psalms with real life stories, the study moves through the familiar words of Psalm 23 toward the painful cries of Psalm 22 uttered by Jesus on the cross. The study includes reflections on the life of King David and the original context of the writings, along with connections between the psalms and the life and death of Jesus the Messiah.

“The Psalms provide a perfect framework for experiencing Lent through the verses that were Jesus’s own scriptures, offering both him and us strength and wisdom in a painful and redemptive season. The Book of Psalms hums with the heartbeat of our humanity with divinely inspired words that find purchase in the tenderest places in our hearts when our human words or wisdom fails us.” Barb Roose