Book Club: Esther

Did you know in the middle of the old testament is a book of the bible that is basically a full on soap opera? It's like Downton Abbey in bible times. It has palace intrigue, high stakes, an unlikely protagonist, and a rather odd conclusion. We speak, of course, of the book of Esther. This book centers on one of the most interesting female characters you will find in the bible, Esther. She comes from humble roots but ends up in the palace as the new queen to a rather foolhardy king.

While the book is short, we can't read whole chapters on Sunday mornings so you are invited to read along with us before each Sunday worship. Please post your observations and questions in our "Weekly Worship" chat area and watch this page for other ways to participate.

Reading Along Schedule

April 24th: Chapter 1
May 1st: Chapter 2
May 8th: Chapter 3
May 15th: Chapter 4
May 22nd: Chapters 5 & 6
May 29th: Chapters 7-10