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We care very deeply about the spiritual health of everyone. We all have a physical, mental, and spiritual nature and each is deserving of investment. We all try to eat right, get enough exercise, and find time to rest. But, do we do anything intentionally, on a regular basis, to nurture our spiritual side? Because we should!

Maybe when the world felt slower, once a week for an hour(ish) was enough, but it does not match where we all live today with our 24-hour cable news and Facebook feeds. Most of us need more regular opportunities for spiritual growth. Writer Anne Lamott says there are really three essential prayers, Help, Thanks, & Wow. This is a great starting place for daily practice!

Next, try making time to pray each day. In the morning, say a simple thank you prayer for something specific in your life that you may be tempted to take for granted. Midday ask for help for something you need help with. Even if it’s small, God is listening. Finally, end your day by claiming a wow. I think for many of us we simply fail to notice when God shows up in big and small ways.

Finally, each week be intentional about living out the universal call to love God, neighbor, and self. Do something unexpected for someone else and also do something just for you to remember you are loved. If you spend a month practicing these things, it would no doubt make a big difference for you.

So, here is the challenge. Pick a month and do the following. First, in recognition of our important principle, you can’t do everything so do something, you are invited to pick one thing you need to stop doing and one thing you need to start. Is there an unhealthy or unhelpful behavior you need to let go of? Maybe it’s talking ill of others or yourself. Or, it could be snacking after dinner or loosing too much time to your latest Netflix binge.

Is there also something you need to start doing? Maybe making regular time for your spouse or kids. Or, giving yourself permission to let the dishes sit and instead take an evening walk. What do you feel a pull to stop and start?