Lent 2024

Christians have long used the weeks before Easter as a time to prepare ourselves for the resurrection of Jesus and the new life we are offered.  Often seen as a time for self denial bordering on self-abuse, is that really what God had in mind? In our modern world full of high pressure and unrealistic expectations aren't we all denying ourselves enough already? This Lent we will prepare in a new way, by giving ourselves a daily break to care for our body, minds, and souls. Together we will remember that loving ourselves is part of the greatest commandment.’

Below you are invited to try a different practice each week. You are welcome to make each your own and based on those things that you already know are positive for you. Experimentation is also encouraged. Use this special time as permission to try something new.  The MOST IMPORTANT thing is that you give yourself some time each day to make your welbeing the focus. We are all very good at looking out for others, we are also expected to be looking out for our own wellness. Spiritual, emotional, and physical. 

If you would like a pocket notebook to track your weekly practices contact office@johnstown.church (970-587-4444) and we will happily get one to you!

Weekly Practice Invitation

Week of...
February 18th, Journal. This doesn't have to be done in any specific way. Simply take a moment each day to write a few words, draw a picture, or whatever else works for you. Each day reflect on the question: "Today I am grateful for..."

February 25th, Meditate. Don't over think this one. This could be a simple as a walk around the neighborhood, a drive in the mountains, or sitting quietly at home. Anything that relaxes your mind and lets you focus your thoughts. Each day start with: "God, what am I not seeing you want me to see?" Then note your thoughts in your journal.

March 3rd, Move. Find a new way to move your body. Could be a simple walk around the block, dancing to your favorite song, or something more vigorous. Allow yourself to move and stretch physically in a new way. Then note what the experience was like in your journal. Did you feel silly? Did it get easier as the week progressed?

March 10th, Sleep. This one is simple, how well are you sleeping? Could you be doing better? Maybe a 20 minute nap right after work? Sleep does so much good for our bodies and minds yet we often neglect it. Prioritize proper sleep this week then note in your journal either in the morning or after a nap how you feel.

March 17th, Treat Yourself. Lent is understood to be a time of self denial. We give things up for Lent that we enjoy like coffee or chocolate. Many of us already have the habit of denying our needs for others. Putting the health and well being of our kids, parents, grand kids, or grand parents above our own. Take at least a few minutes each treat yourself to something you enjoy. When you do, remind yourself "I am loved by God because I am lovable." Note in your journal what it feels like to treat yourself.