Dear Visitor,

If you are new to the town of Johnstown, or new to the United Methodist Church of Johnstown, welcome!  Our church offers programs for people of all ages, including evening Bible studies, Youth Group for grades 6-12, Sunday School for all ages and more. Sunday morning worship is at 9:30 a.m.  We also offer contemplative services and events at various times throughout the year.

There are two key points about our church that we share with everybody:

  • We say at every service “all who seek the grace of God are welcome,” and we mean it. Our focus is on the love and grace of Jesus Christ and how we can live out that love and grace with friends, neighbors and people new to our lives. We all make mistakes and stumble, and when we do we try to focus on reconciliation and healing, not on judgment.
  • We believe that “Hope Changes Everything.” The world is, as always, uncertain, and churches have sometimes contributed to that uncertainty. Some people have been spiritually wounded by the church. We live with confidence that despair is not God’s final word, and this helps us to reflect the hope we have for a future of spiritual fulfillment and growth that can be shared with those who have been wounded or are seeking light in the darkness.

Lastly, our church is a neighborhood church and can be a little hard to find. Please see this map and directions to our church. You may also call our office at (970) 587-4444 or email at office@umcjohnstown.com. Thanks for visiting with us, and we hope to see you soon.


FAQs about United Methodist Church of Johnstown

What can I expect from your Sunday morning Worship service?
Sunday morning Worship is a  comfortable, family service that reflects the diversity of our congregation. We are blessed with a wide variety of music, and these groups, such as the Chancel Choir, the Praise Band, and the Bell Choir, provide inspiration at the morning service. Children are welcome for the entire service, and we do have nursery care for kids three and under, if you prefer.  We welcome the noises and joy that comes from having children and families in Worship.  We serve communion on the first Sunday of each month. Everyone is welcome to take communion from the Lord’s table no matter your beliefs or spiritual background.

What do you offer for children and youth?
Sunday School classes for middle school and high school age kids is from 8:30 am-9:15 am on Sunday mornings.  Classes for preschool age children through 5th grade are available from 10 am-10:45 am, during the last part of Worship. Our Youth Group meets every Sunday at 10:45 am-12:15 pm for a variety of activities. Nursery care is available for ages 0-3 on Sunday mornings, if you prefer. Children are also invited to participate in the Jubilation Choir that meets after Sunday school until 11 am.  We love our young families and welcome you at the Methodist Church in Johnstown.

What do I wear?
We hope you come to church in whatever makes you feel comfortable. We care more about you and your relationship with Jesus than what you look like. Our only request is that you do wear clothes 🙂

Where do I go when I get there?
Parking is available on east, north and west sides of the building. There is also a drive-through on the east side for dropping off people who need a shorter walking distance. You may enter the church through the east or west doors. Greeters are available at the Sunday morning service to answer your questions and help direct you to the sanctuary and Sunday School rooms.

What happens next?
At the Sunday morning service, an usher will hand you a weekly bulletin.  Please let an usher know if you have special seating needs such as a wheelchair or hearing aid. Please complete the attendance form inside so we know you stopped by! We hope you enjoy our church community and look forward to seeing you soon!