How God Works - Books Discussion

Drawing on a wealth of new evidence, pioneering research psychologist David DeSteno shows why religious practices and rituals are so beneficial to those who follow them—and to anyone, regardless of their faith (or lack thereof).

Scientists are beginning to discover what believers have known for a long time: the rewards that a religious life can provide. For millennia, people have turned to priests, rabbis, imams, shamans, and others to help them deal with issues of grief and loss, birth and death, morality and meaning. In this absorbing work, DeSteno reveals how numerous religious practices from around the world improve emotional and physical well-being.

Join this group discussion class lead by Pastor Jeremy Scott. You may join in person in the church library or on Zoom with the info below.

Reading Schedule
July 19: Introduction & Chapters 1, 2
July 26th: Chapters 3, 4
Aug. 2nd: Chapters 5, 6
Aug. 9th: Chapters 7, Epilogue
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