Movies don’t just entertain us.They inspire us, make us laugh, and sometimes challenge us. Join us as we use the power of movies to explore life and find some much needed hope (and humor). 

You don’t need to see the movie to join us. You are encouraged to watch them each Friday night. All are available for rent or stream.

Join us at:

Click the name of each movie below for information on how to stream/rent each one.


7th: Zootopia (PG)
14th: The Way (2010, PG-13)
21st: Inside Out (PG) 
28th: 42 (PG-13)


5th: Independence Day (PG-13)
12th: Rogue One (Star Wars, PG-13)
19th: UP (PG)
26th: Mary Poppins (G) (Optional: Saving Mr. Banks)