Help is Here: Book Study

Reading Schedule
Please Note: Reading is not in numerical order. Chapters 10 & 11 are read on your own.
September 26th: Chapters 1 & 2
October 3rd: Chapters 3 & 7
October 10th: Chapters 5 & 6
October 17th: Chapters 4 & 9
October 24th: Chapters 8, 12, 13
Tuesdays at 7pm Starting September 26th

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Bills pile up. Savings go down. Marriages go south. Work goes off the rails. Stress goes off the charts. It’s all too much to take on by yourself.

Fortunately, you don’t have to take it all on yourself. In fact, God never intended for you to do so. He has provided heaven-sent help to walk with you, guide you, and shoulder the load. Someone who never gets tired. Someone who is strong and powerful. Someone who is unhindered by what hinders us. Someone who is always nearby.

Interested? If so, join in this five-session study to learn more about this “helper” whom we know as the Holy Spirit. You will receive the tools and encouragement you need to become joyful, enthusiastic, and empowered as you draw closer to God; learn who the Spirit is and how he can help you; find true rest and peace as you let him carry your burdens; and discover your unique gifts to further God’s kingdom.

Help Is Here reminds us that our Good Shepherd doesn’t just feed us; he leads us. He does more than correct us; he directs us. God keeps us on track—and best of all, he’s commissioned the Holy Spirit to guide us down the winding roads of life, wherever they may lead us.