(Updated 5/19/21)

Update Highlights

  • Livestream worship will remain available permanently.
  • RSVPs for in-person worship are no longer required.
  • Temperature checks are no longer required.
  • Check-in for contract tracing is still requested.
  • Social Distancing (every other pew) still being practiced.
  • Masks still required (see below).

Starting in June

Masks are requested for those over 15 years old who have not been fully vaccinated. Optional for all others.

Small Groups and Adult Education

Small groups and adult education are currently being offered in person and on Zoom. In-person to follow the same guidance as for Worship.

Visiting the Building

Open building hours will return in June. The church office will be staffed Monday thru Thursday, 9am to 1pm. Closed on Fridays and Saturdays.

You are welcome and encouraged to visit the grounds, walk on the grass, or visit the outdoor prayer garden.


We are doing all we can to keep people informed in this very dynamic time. We consistently use email, text messages, App notifications, and phone calls. To make sure you are keep in the loop please send us your most up to date contact information. Also, download our app on your smartphone or tablet.