Our Current Status


RSVP for in-person worship open for February 28th and beyond! See the bulleted list below for the link to attend.

On this page we will attempt to keep you up to date about how COVID-19 is affecting the ministries of our church as well as the planning happening for a return to some sort of in person ministry.

In all things we do we will live into our highest values and find ways to love God, love our neighbors, and love ourselves!

Thanks to favorable trends in our local COVID-19 rates, and the availability of the vaccine for our most at-risk folks, we are opening up for limited in-person worship! You are invited to RSVP for an in-person worship spot now with in-person starting February 28th.

While most people will likely remain online till at least summer, there are those who would prefer an in-person option. To make that a safe possibility we will take the following precautions:

  • Please arrive between 9:15 am – 9:25 am on Sunday
  • Pre registration through (https://rsvp.church/r/ufrruAVG) or calling the office (970-587-4444)
  • Temperature checks at the door (<100.4).
  • Masks worn at all times while masks are masks are mandated or strongly recommended by the State or County.
  • Social distancing between family groups.
  • Limit physical contact.

Ten spots on Sunday morning are reserved for the pastor, staff, and necessary volunteers. Additional participates will be limited based on the current “color” status for Weld County. Current Weld County Color:

Orange: 40
Yellows/Blue: 80
Green: 125

Assuming an acceptable decline in COVID-19 rates and Weld County remaining at least on level Orange we will begin offering an in-person option February 28th 2021.

Small Groups and Adult Education

Small groups and adult education are currently being offered on Zoom or limited in-person groups of 10 or less. All in person groups are required to complete a safety check list.

Committee & Team Meetings

All committee and team meetings are currently being done on Zoom.

Children’s Ministry

Sunday School kits are being delivered to homes two Sundays a month over the summer. Videos introducing the kits and and that days lesson are shown during worship. If you know somebody who would benefit from receiving a Sunday School kit please contact us and let us know.


We are doing all we can to keep people informed in this very dynamic time. We consistently use email, text messages, App notifications, and phone calls. To make sure you are keep in the loop please send us your most up to date contact information. Also, download our app on your smartphone or tablet.

Visiting the Building

Our building is currently closed to most visitors. If you need to visit to drop something off or to volunteer we ask that you follow the following precautions for everyone’s safety.

  • Limit of 10 people maximum in the building at one time.
  • Social distancing of at least 6 feet to be maintained.
  • No physical contact people non household members.
  • Masks required.
  • No exchange of food or drink.

You are welcome and encouraged to visit the grounds, walk on the grass, or visit the outdoor prayer garden.

Important Considerations

There are several priorities and considerations we are attempting to balance that make planning for any of the options below challenging. Some of those things are:

  • First, Do No Harm. We will not intentionally do anything where there is a likelihood of harm being done to any of our members or the wider community.
  • Churches have consistently been places COVID-19 outbreaks have occurred.
  • More than half of our congregation is in a high risk category.
  • Mixing of age groups, especially those over 60 with those under 18, is problematic and will be even more so when school returns in the fall.
  • High risk activities like physical touching, singing, and sharing communal food or drink are likely far in the future.