On God\'s Trail

This Week's Scripture Philippians 4:17-21

All sorts of things accumulate around us as we go through life. Some of it are actually blessings, some not so much.

Describe a time when you got overly interested in collecting something. Or, describe a time you felt concerned over not having enough of something important (i.e. money, food, shelter, time).

From Janet L.

At the beginning of our Lenten season of reflection we were directed to write our autobiography and to describe a time we decided to start something new.  So many examples of starting something new came to mind when I have already been blessed with a long life:  a new decision to accept a Savior, a decision to join my life to a wonderful man, decisions to take a particular job, decisions to give precious time to new hobbies (gardening, cake decorating, riding, hiking, gourd crafting, sewing, quilting….).  And now a decision to leave the country home we have loved so much for so very long.  A home where our three children were raised, blessed with the quality of life provided by caring for animals and digging in the dirt.

The decision to attempt to hike or ride all of the trails in Rocky Mountain National Park has brought many awesome views of God’s magnificent creation to mind.  John and I have checked many (but not    all) off the list, with Long’s Peak being our greatest mountain-top experience.  A reluctant John drove us to the trailhead in the darkness and walked with me until we read a sign saying, “Danger – Undermined.”  Peeking cautiously down, down, down through a hole toward Chasm Lake, I had had enough and suggested we head back down the trail.  But my life’s partner, chosen by God just for me, would not let me quit.  And up and up we went until we stood on top of that amazing rock.  What a blessing it was to gaze out across the land we call home.  God is so good!

Today we find ourselves in the midst of one of the longest moves in history, and as we plow through the accumulations of a lifetime, we thank God that we have always had “enough.”  Except for one thing, we think – never enough time.  And then we realize that we have the same 24 hours in every day that everyone has.

Creator God, we praise and thank you for enough.  In the name of your Son, Amen.
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Candi Winckel - March 22nd, 2022 at 11:07am

Janet you always make me smile😊. You are so right, I too am blessed to have “enough” . I pray that I can share that “enough” with others.

Alan Gibson - March 22nd, 2022 at 8:51pm

Janet, you have so many gifts and talents! But at the top, even higher than those mountains you scale, is your love and care for others. You inspire us! Thanks for sharing today!

Marjorie Hanson - March 22nd, 2022 at 9:08pm

Isn't it amazing how many decisions we make in a lifetime! I'm so glad some of the decisions I've made have made our paths cross twice. (I remember one of those horse club mountain rides where my horse crossed all the streams going up but on the way back he said "No!" to nearly every one! 🤣) Thanks for the memories!

Susan Jordan - March 22nd, 2022 at 9:58pm

Thanks, Janet. You are awesome and so is this devotion. You inspire and challenge with all that you are!

Jenna H - March 26th, 2022 at 11:32am

Janet, I am so impressed that you climbed Long’s Peak! On my bucket list so we’ll see! I can only imagine how your move is bitter sweet. Every time I drive by your country bungalow, I think if you and always will. You are such a shining example of God’s love and light. Thank you bring a role model for me in many ways but especially in my walk with the Lord. I do love you and your servant’s heart. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.