At the United Methodist Church of Johnstown our purpose is simple. We are here to inspire and challenge those who are striving to live out the most important commandment: to love God, love your neighbor, and love yourself. We provide a place where all are welcome to connect and belong. Nobody stays a stranger long with us. Many of those who choose to be part of our community are making a difference every day through their work, family, and community activities. We strive to fill them up so they can continue to bless our community.
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No matter where you are right now, what you believe (or don’t believe) about God, or where you have been you are welcome to find a place with us. We believe that God values everybody no matter what. We also believe God loves us too much to leave us exactly as we are. We all have our issues and things to work through. In our community we think the best way to do that is together.
In life we all learn at some point that we can’t do everything. Here, we think the correct response to that is to also realize but each of us can do something.
Join us, find a place to belong, and find your something.

He are some frequent questions that are asked about our church:

Q: What is our Worship like?
A: We offer music that is intended to be sung along with. No matter how bad you may feel your singing is, everyone sounds good when their voice mixes with the crowd around them. The messages shared by our pastor each week are not boring or dry. Each message is aimed to inspire you, help you learn something new about God, and, perhaps, even learn something new about yourself. We take worship seriously but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Every service has an element of fun and almost always a time to laugh.
Q: Are children welcome to attend services?
A: We love kids! Children young and old are always welcome in worship and if they (or you) would prefer, we do have childcare in the Nursery for ages birth through 3. For older children, our ‘Busy Bags’ with coloring pages and other fun items are available for use!  Sunday School for middle and high school students is at 8:30 am.  Sunday School for preschool-5th grade takes place during worship most Sundays.

Q: What should I wear?
A: We prefer clothes!  (haha) Please wear whatever makes you comfortable.  And if it is Bronco Sunday, you will see a lot of Orange and Blue!