‘Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 5:3

By Rev. Jeremy W Scott

Like many folks starting something new I had a lot of expectations of what being a pastor would be. It felt so different from my previous job as a software engineer. I would be free of my desk, free of feeling trapped in an office, free to be out in the world with my people. This past year notwithstanding, that is a big part of what keeps me invested in the work of being a local church pastor. It was something I certainly quickly found I missed when I took an appointment outside the local church, and something I was grateful to have back when I came to be appointed here with you all.

The other thing that really attracted me to this profession was the idea of leading worship. Being part of a team whose function it is to provide rich, thoughtful, and meaningful experiences to people was an idea I really loved. In practice this also has proven out to be true. At least most of the time. It is human nature to focus on the good things you expect to come when you make a big change in life, which is why it is sometimes disheartening when they prove not to always be true. Yes, most of the time I do love, even after all these years, leading worship. But, there are also times when I am really just not “feeling it.” I think that is something we can all relate too. Might be part of your job, a hobby you typically enjoy, or people you usually like to hang out with. I think we all know those times when, for whatever reason, you just aren’t experiencing the joy you normally do in something you typically enjoy.

In the passage above Jesus reminds us that even when we are feeling “poor in spirit”, even when we feel like we are just going through the motions of something, God and God’s blessing are still with us. In fact, those who persevere through those times and remain faithful and trust in God’s goodness all the same, theirs is the kingdom of heaven. So, maybe you aren’t “feeling it” like you once were. Nearly a year into a pandemic nobody could blame you. But take home in this promise straight from the mouth of Jesus. Blessed are you even when you aren’t “feeling it”, for yours is the kingdom of heaven!