Starting February 17th, a daily devotional authored by a member of our church family will be posted each day (excluding Sundays) at 6am. Throughout Lent, we will be exploring how important mornings are to our daily lives. If we desire to look back at the end of the day on time spent well, we have to start our day in the right frame of mind. As people of faith, we recognize there is no better starting frame of mind, than one focused on God and his call for us to love God, love our neighbors, and love ourselves.

You are invited to read, reflect, and share these devotions with others. If one really strikes you, why not send it to a friend or share it on Facebook? What is inspiring or thought-provoking to us would likely be the same for another.

Please join in on this important experience. If you have our App, Become More, you can also join in a daily conversation about that days devotional in the live chat section!